Thursday, April 15, 2010

iPhone Simulator - Folders

Screenshot showing my "test" app inside a folder with Photos and Notes.
Pretty cool. This is the beta version of the iPhone (and iPad) 4.0 SDK which I installed just a few days ago. What does this have to do with homebrew? Nothing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

AVR Microcontrollers

Last week while taking a break from working on my Apple 1 clone, and from working on the 6802 homebrew stuff, I started looking into AVR microcontrollers. I was really looking for an input device that someone else had already built for converting PS2 keyboard scancodes into ASCII.
I contacted one guy, but his device converts to ASCII serial out, and I need parallel. So while poking around for more info, I came across a couple of sample code snippets, using various microcontrollers to accomplish capturing keyboard input. Specifically the Atmel microcontrollers. This eventually led to the purchase of this book: "Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR". I figured it was time for me to start investigating these chips and maybe do a little tinkering, and maybe even build my own PS2 to ASCII keyboard converter, which I could then use on my Apple 1 clone project. So far, it is pretty interesting. I installed the C IDE but haven't done much with it yet. The IDE that comes with the book is called: CodeVisionAVR C Compiler Evaluation. More to come on that.