Monday, March 23, 2009

EPROM Programmer settings for Excel 28c16 chip

How to set up the Top2004 EPROM Programmer

1. For Exel 28C16 chip -

from the Option menu, select "Type"
On the far right of the dialog box, select the "FLASH/EE" radio button
in the manufacture list, select "EXEL"
in the Type list on the right, select 28C16

2. Burning - after placing the chip in the programmer:
select the Option menu, then "Run"
set the "Delay(mS/byte)" to 5ms, otherwise you will get "Error!" message

When BURNING chips, make sure the timing is set to 5ms or slower, anything faster (e.g. the default 2ms is too fast for this chip).

Click on the "Program" button
Then Verify

Sunday, March 22, 2009

EPROM Programmer

This is an EPROM burner I designed sometime in 2006. It was a complete experiment and my first real project that actually did something useful. There are no debouncing components, but this thing can program an EPROM successfully. I verified the data burned by checking with a Top2000 EPROM programmer which I purchased later on. I have the schematic which I will upload shortly.